St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
Aims and Objectives

St.Peter’s College is an Anglo – Indian Christian Institution, granted Minority Rights by Act. 30 of the Indian Constitution. The College aims at the following objectives:

  • To work and serve all in the true Christian spirit of love.
  • To reach out and to work with all people of goodwill for the basic values of Truth, Love, Justice, Equality, National Integration and communal Harmony.
  • To educate our children to grow into integrated human beings by helping them to have a proper relationship with God, others and the environment, through spiritual, moral, physical, intellectual and emotional development.
  • To inculcate in our students values such as love, acceptance, forgiveness, justice, sharing and respect for all, and to build up a healthy environment.
  • To spread the spirituality of the unconditional love and forgiveness of God our Heavenly Father particularly through the life and environment in the school.
  • To have a preferential option for the poor and the oppressed so that they experience their human dignity and their integration into the main stream of society.
  • To respect all religions and cultures of our country and to strive to achieve ’Unity in Diversity’ as part of God’s plan for humanity.
  • To foster community spirit at all levels and to create a climate of participation and collaboration, giving all our partners- staff, students and parents – a sense of belonging, commitment and responsibility.
  • To work together for common goals with like-minded institutions and organizations in the neighborhood.
  • To promote family life education so as to enable our students to face the challenges of growing into responsible adults and to prepare them for a meaningful, healthy and happy family life.
  • We pledge to make these objectives operative in our school and thereby giving all- staff, students, parents and well-wishers-an experience of a new society.