St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
Admission and Withdrawal
  • Although a minority institution, we do admit children of different castes and creeds.
  • No child of less than 5 years 10 months and more than 6 years 6 months will be admitted to class 1. For higher classes add one year for each class.
  • No pupil will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  • Students from U.P. seeking admission for classes VI and above must have their Transfer Certificates, countersigned by education authorities.
  • The Transfer Certificate of a pupil coming from outside Uttar Pradesh must be countersigned by proper authorities irrespective of the class into which admission is sought.
  • A pupil seeking admission must produce his Date of Birth certificate issued by the municipal authorities or a Baptism Certificate, along with his Transfer Certificate.
  • Admission is given on the basis of Entrance Test and on the availability of seats.
  • Irrespective of the time of admission, fee will be charged from the beginning of the academic session.
  • No pupil will be admitted in any class higher than that for which the Transfer certificate shows him to be qualified, nor will he be granted out of turn promotions.

  • The application for transfer certificate should be made in writing by the parent or guardian along with a fee of Rs. 50/ - ; the same will be issued only after three days from date of the receipt of the application.
  • A Month’s notice in writing is required before a student can be withdrawn; in lieu of such a notice, an additional fee of one month may be deposited. No such notice is acceptable during the college vacation; and in case of a withdrawal at this time, the fees must be paid up to the end of the term.
  • No certificates will be issued if there are dues pending.
  • Any request for counter signature should be made at the time of withdrawal; no such request will be catered to after one month of the issue of the Transfer Certificate.
  • Any student dismissed from the college on disciplinary grounds shall have the same mentioned in his Transfer Certificate.